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    Importing pdf from QuarkXPress 9.3 to Id CS6




      I work for a printing company and we specialize in envelopes and letter heads.  I recently had some artwork sent to me from a client with the native file being created in Quark 9.3 and after making a few changes in Quark I exported it into Indesign as a pdf so I could place it into my layout in order to send back a proof for the customer.  The only problem is, is that some of the text in the artwork has now changed when exported as a pdf.  I don't know what the issue is I HATE QUARK!!  When I view the file in Quark it looks good, nothing wrong.  But when I view it in Acrobat or Indesign it changes the text and it runs off the artwork, WTF!!  Anybody got a solution to this probelm.  I eventually have to import the artwork as a pdf into Indesign to put through rampage so we can burn plates to eventually put to press.  BTW I'm only a month into the work flow of pre-press and have 3 years of graphics design experience with adobe software but have never used Quark before.