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    Importing question

    Adrtghhjj Level 1

      I've imported a folder of images (an animation). The problem is, every image on the Timeline lasts for 5 seconds, making my project 14 hours long. I wanted an image to last just 1 frame, just as it would do in the final movie.

      Why this large duration and how can I make PPro import each image as specified in the Sequence's framerate value (in my case, 30 FPS)?

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          joe bloe premiere Level 5

          You need to import your images as an "Image Sequence".

          This requires that they be sequentially numbered.


          File > Import

          Select the first image in the sequentially numbered sequence.

          Check the "Image Sequence" box.

          Hit "Open".


          After import, right-click the image sequence in the Project panel

          and select Modify > Interpret Footage...

          There you can assign the proper frame rate to the image sequence.

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            Jim_Simon Level 8

            I was going to suggest looking up Numbered Sequences in the PDF, but that thing has become less than well designed.  (Any PDF help file should contain only information relating to the version you are using, which means a separate PDF for every version of the software....Kevin.)


            Anyway, go to the bottom of page 95.

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              Adrtghhjj Level 1

              Thanks, it solved the problem.