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    Edgehero.js Version 0.2 Released!                                    IMPORTANT

    robboerman Level 4

      Because my goal is to serve the Edge community by providing features that are not available in Edge Animate yet, I created edgeHero.

      I have received good feedback for it and right away decided to add new features. So After a lot of sleepless nights, I am releasing version 0.2 which includes audio and video controls.



      Below are a list of the updates:

      - Video now supports .mp4, .ogg and .webm formats

      - Custom controls Video added

      - Supports now Audio with support of .mp3, .ogg and .wav formats

      - Custom controls Audio added

      - Video poster image added

      - Top side Cube3d will alwase fit the cube

      - Bug fixed, Posision "fixed"

      - Bug fixed, Backgroundimage

      - Videolink increased from 2 to 3

      - Backgroundvideo increased from 2 to 3



      Demo Video with custom controls:




      Demo Audio with custom controls




      Check out edgeHero.com now!



      Tell us what to update next and what to improve!

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