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    Locked Files Can't be Published

    VTwebman Level 1
      Contribute 3.11 connecting to Apache web server via WebDAV HTTPS.

      Writer creates file site (only option is to send for review). Administrator sees file in Draft Console and opens file. Attempting to publish the file fails on upload with an error message about permissions. A check of the server logs shows that a lock token is exchanged and the server honors the exclusive write lock set by the Writer. A check of the site using a WebDAV client (Goliath in this case) shows the lock is on the "file" in its to-be-final published location (there is a file name, but no content), with the lock identified as owned by "Macromedia Contribute ||". Connecting as the user/Writer via Goliath permits the lock to be removed and the file published, but then Contribute gets a bit bumfuzzled by that.

      Searching this convoluted web site turns up lots of old information about LCK files, but no mention of WebDAV and locks, other than the need for the WebDAV server to support exclusive write locks. That's nice, but the system appears to be lacking in a method to transfer those locks from one user to another (or to time out instead of having a time limit of "infinite").