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    Edit stage size without effecting elements position.

    DMD-Ryan Level 1

      Question.  Can you change the size of your stage, say smaller than what you started with, so that when you move your elements to the new position of the stage the motion paths do get messed up because you moved everything?


      I have a "full" page layout that I would like to cut in half but the stage jumps to a "middle" point and when I try to move all my elements, some with motion paths, it increases the distance of the path and destroys it.  I don't see any way of locking the paths to move an element and I have 23 elements with paths to move so moving each would suck.


      I know Edge is basically in Beta 24, 7 because it's still not flushed out anywhere near where it could be.  If they just allowed you to adjust the stage size by locking a region kinda like page size in Photoshop or adjusting the page like in Illustrator with cropping.


      Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.