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    Is viewer tracking only possible when viewer is registered?


      We want to upload presentations made with Presenter onto Adobe Connect and allow for on-demand viewing.


      How will we be able to track viewers?


      Is it possible to send the URL of the presentation to an email address and track when that person had viewed the presentation and how many times?
      (this is possible with Brainshark by adding     ?tx=%%email address%%    to the end of the URL )




      Would all our viewers (even if invited via email) have to register to an Event on Adobe Connect, in order for us to track who viewed the presentation?


      Are there other possibilities to track the viewers?


      Thank you!

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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          Content objects in Connect do not have user specific tracking. There are some options that could act like user tracking, but they can be hard to manage. One option, since you are using Presenter, is to put in a survey fill-in-the-blank question that asks viewers to put their name/email in. This answer will be recorded and saved in Connect, thus giving you a list of individuals who have seen the presentation. This will work even if the content is made publicly viewable (no username/password required to view).


          The other option is to use the Email Link tool and have it send a notification whenever someone clicks on the link. However, there is the pit fall here that if the email gets forwarded you get multiple notifications for one individual and the other people don't get credit. In a worst case scenario you may receive hundreds (or more) emails a day saying that one person viewed the content, when it is many people who have received the forwarded email. There is also no way to disable access to the content through these links, other than removing the content from the servers, and the links remain active for 60 days (I think)


          Other than that, you would need to have the Training or Events module of Connect which will track who accesses the presentation.