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    Symbol Font not shown when placing text


      HI all,


      my problem: when placing a Word docx into InDesign 5.5, all characters that are formated in Word with the SYMBOL font, won't show as such in InDesign. Instead they are shown as ordinary letters. I use a SYMBOL ttf, i guess in the Windows folder. Placing this ttf file into the InDesign Font folder did not do the job. What can I do so that the import is just perfect??



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          Joel Cherney Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What can I do so that the import is just perfect??


          Absolutely nothing.


          No, seriously. All day long I place Word docs in InDesign, and "perfect" import is impossible. "Better" is doable, though.


          Because I place an insane variety of types of Word formatting into InDesign, I suspect I know what you're talking about. What symbol are you losing? Is it the bullet from a bulleted list? An automatically inserted glyph, like a copyright symbol? There are a bunch of automatic substitutions that happen within Word that don't make it out of Word files, and I have a collection of VBA scripts in Word that convert that stuff into plain-old symbols. You'll probably have to do something like that.


          (But try saving RTF out of Word first, and placing that - perhaps VBA cleanup will be unnecessary if that works for you.)