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    Camera Raw - Can't Apply Same Value Multiple Images

    Marc Trzepla Level 1

      Camera Raw 8.1 opened from within Photoshop.  Windows 7.


      If I open a bunch of .cr2 files into Raw and want (for example) all of the Contrast values to be "25" or the Highlights to be "-90", I cannot seem to get images in the selection range other than the first one or two to mirror the same values.  I shift click / control click for a range and then try either typing in the value (number number then enter) or by scrubbing to the value.  Neither works.  I've tried saving out an .xmp Settings file to import to the selection - same non result.


      I even tried Synchronize - I tweak the first, select my range and then hit Synchronize and uncheck everything other than (this example) Contrast and Highlights and hit okay ... still nothing.


      This has been like this for a while but now I'm working with a very large batch of images that share very similar lighting values so it's driving me nuts to sit here in 2013 and punch in numbers one at a time.


      Thanks for your suggestions,