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    After Effects (& Adobe Apps) Playing Audio Deeper

    Thongrrrl14 Level 1

      I opened a project in AE that I was just working on yesterday. Today, the voice-over recording guy sounds about two octaves deeper than he did yesterday.


      There is no change in the timing or audio playback. The audio clip is exactly 60 seconds long, and playback still takes exactly 60 seconds.


      I loaded other audio files into AE. Same problem.


      I went to an earlier version of AE. Same problem.


      I played the audio in Premiere. Same problem.


      I played the audio files in iTunes and Quicktime. They sound fine.


      The really weird thing is that the audio sounded just fine in the exact same project yesterday before I saved it. What would suddenly make Adobe play my audio to sound like Barry White, without changing the speed?