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    Making "seamless" brushes

    BellyBuckle Level 1

      Hi everyone.



      I understand how to make the brushes, but is there any way to have greater control over how uniform the patterns appear?


      For example: I'm trying to create a brush that is made up of tiny beads.  But I can't seem to make one perfectly, as the beads get distorted or chopped off when I attempt to create shapes with the line or pen tools.


      And yes, I've tried all of the preferences in the brushes pane, but neither of them works well.


      With this bead brush, I would like to write words.  So you can see where I'm going with this.  The letters of the words would be made up of tiny beads (there are fonts like this, except I'd like to colour the beads my own way).


      Any suggestions?



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          Kurt Gold Adobe Community Professional

          Which version of Illustrator are you using?


          About what brush type are you talking?


          Can you show screenshots that thoroughly explain what you're looking for?

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            JETalmage Level 6

            Use a Scatter Brush instead of a Pattern Brush.



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              BellyBuckle Level 1

              Hello Kurt and JETalmage.


              Thanks to both of you.

              Using Illustrator CS4.  JET: you were bang on: it WAS the Scatter Brush I was looking for!







              Okay - this worked like a charm if I make my brush with only one "bead".  I cann't find a way to make a mulit-coloured bead brush.


              Here's what I want to do: create an illustration of a string of beads.  BUT I want to make a brush, so that I can draw a line freehand in any direction and it will create my string of beads WITHOUT some of the beads distorting or squishing up against each other.


              So I created one bead, made that a scatter brush and it works well.  Then I created a string of multicoloured beads and did the same thing (only I can't use "scatter' because it doesn't work with multiple beads).  The closest is "pattern", but even with this some of the beads that meet up at the ends get squished and there is distortions - even though I've played around with all of the settings to rectify this.

              Is there some other way of achieving the effect that I want, without having to copy and paste one bead at a time??



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                JETalmage Level 6

                Not as a standard turnkey feature, no.


                You'll have to bear the anguished and tortured sweat and toil of using the Scatter Brush, expanding the Brush, and then manually coloring the beads differently as desired.


                Or otherwise automating the process, for example, via writing/running a script that replaces one object with another, or performs the fill sequence, etc.


                The Scatter Brush will also not prevent the beads from overlapping in such circumstances as too accute bends or corners. Woe be to us all, we do have to occasionally do some drawing manually.



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                  Monika Gause Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Try the plugin Scriptographer and some of these scripts:



                  There are several that look like they could do that.