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    onSessionEnd actually doing anything?!

    ion Level 1

      i want to do something very simple: when session expires, automatically redirect to a login page.

      onSessionEnd looks like the logical choice, but i wasn't able to make it do anything at all!

      any example that can show this function can do stuff is welcome, i've tried a bunch of them already, nothing works.


      <cfcomponent output="false">

          <cfset this.name="testApp" />

          <cfset this.sessionManagement = true />

          <cfset this.applicationTimeOut = CreateTimeSpan(0,0,0,20) />

          <cfset this.sessionTimeout = createTimeSpan(0,0,0,20) />

          <cfset this.clientManagement = true />


          <cffunction name="onSessionEnd" access="public" returntype="void" output="false">

              <cflocation url="login.cfm">



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          Adam Cameron. Level 5

          Think through what you're suggesting.


          A session times out after an inactivity people, so intrinsically doesn't (and can't!) happen as part of a request... because a request implies activity. To redirect a request... there needs to be a request being made. But there is no request being made when a session times out.


          You cannot interact with the browser in onSessionEnd(), because onSessionEnd() isn't - by definition - connected to browser activity.


          What you want to do is to redirect to the login page when the session starts, not when it ends. Intrinsically the request after a session has ended will start a new session... and the redirect to the login page.


          Make sense?




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            ion Level 1

            Thanks Adam, i've put the call to login page inside onSessionStart. What happens is, i'm using cftooltips ajax style (passing val as url param to a page). Everything works fine, until session ends. When that happens, the tootltip shows (part of) the login page instead of the value passed


            Now, Ajax is itself a request, would something like this work, if i create a onRequestStart function, checking for a session var, if not there, can i force onSessionStart to run? something like:


            <cffunction name="onRequestStart">

                 <cfif session.someVar eq ''>


                       <cflocation url="login.cfm">