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    Adobe Media Encoder CC - You Need to Add Unsupported CUDA Cards to supported_cuda_cards.txt

    Keith Moreau Level 1

      Hi Folks


      I'm running on a Mac Pro with an NVidia GTX 770 with 4GB. Premiere Pro CC utilizes the GPU for playback and export but will give you a warning when you first enable CUDA in Mercury Playback Engine. However...


      I was noticing that when I queued the export to Adobe Media Encoder CC, it was taking forever to encode simple queued sequences.


      After doing a bit of research on the internet and even in these forums I realized that while Premiere Pro was being ok with supporting a non-supported card, Media Encoder was not. I added the GTX 770 to the supported_cuda_cards.txt file locate here: /Applications/Adobe Premiere Pro CC/Adobe Premiere Pro CC.app/Contents/ (you will need to be slightly geeky to find and modify this file - more info than I care to provide in this post but you can look up how to locate files in Mac OS).


      Voila! AME now encodes super speedly, like 4 times as fast as before!!!


      Thought I'd just provide this little tip for people experiencing this problem.


      Adobe... can you do something about this? I know it's a corner case but really - maybe something in AME preferences or something... Like "Use CUDA capable card even if not on supported CUDA list" checkbox or something.


      Now I can get back to work.