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    Significant enhancements since Photoshop 7 for my usage?

    HealthcareHelper Level 1

      I stopped upgrading Photoshop once I reached version 7. The simple reason is that v7 has handled all my needs just fine. I use it almost every day for a variety of purposes. Everything from Web development to cleaning up hi-res scans of photographs (BW and color) and art. I don't use it at my full-time job, so there's not really any production pressure. I'm starting to wonder if I can find a list of new features and major enhancements associated with each release in case I have a reason to upgrade. (The only time I've hit a barrier with v7 was discovering that its grayscale mode had a limit on what degree of bit depth it would handle.)


      Unfortunately the Adobe info I've seen is far too wordy. I would prefer a simple table or list. Have not found one on the Web. Tips?