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    Can't start Premiere Pro CC


      Hey all!  Last night I took advantage of Adobe's sales on Creative Cloud, and for the most part everything downloaded smoothly.  However, when I try to open Premiere Pro CC I get the loading icon, and then Windows pops up with a "Adobe Premiere Pro CC has stopped working" message and prompts me to close it.  This issue doesn't occur with any of the other CC software I downloaded, only with Premiere.  I tried rebooting but it didn't help anything.


      Googling this issue didn't come up with much help either, so I was hoping to get it resolved here.  I'm running a Windows 7 MSI laptop, Core i7, and nVidia 660M card.  In the closest issue I found that someone else had, they needed to update their ATI drivers, but I haven't seen any information on that causing an issue with nVidia.


      I'd really like to figure this one out.  Thanks for any help!