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    Hibernate Destination

      Does anyone know of any tutorials about using hibernate with Flex 2.0? After trying (unsuccessfully) to figure out how to call to remote objects on the intergrated JRun server that use hibernate to persist, I found in the Flex documentation that you can create a hibernate destination. The documentation show an example, however, I am fairly new to Flex and hibernate and I need a little more. :) Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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          I wonder if the hibernate adapter is even included? I digged in the directory:



          These are the only adapters I see. Where is the hibernate adapter jar?
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            CathyM Level 1
            > Where is the hibernate adapter jar?

            The hibernate adapter is not a separate jar file but is included with the core FDS jars.

            The hibernate jars themselves are not included in the web applications by default. However, you'll find the jars files at <install_dir>/resources/hibernate.

            In the shipping product, the hibernate assembler will ship as an example java assembler. You'll find this located at <install_dir>/resources/samples/assemblers/src.zip
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              me too
              and i want to know how it works in eclipse .
              anyone can help?
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                sanclementetech Level 1
                I use hibernate with spring. Works great. One of the reasons I went this route is because from the documentation it looks as though you can only retrieve data using the Flex hibernate adapter. There are some other advatages to using spring with hibernate. Also I use MyEclipse IDE (www.myeclipseide.com). It has a number of add-on's inlcuding a tool that will generate your hibernate classes from your database, just select the tables/views, and generate.