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    Hardware and Software Question


      Thank you in advance for helping me to understand, on a functional level, how Premiere Pro works. I am operating a i7 Sandybridge 4 core processor, 3.4Ghz, 16GB RAM, and a Sapphire HD6870 series video card inside a Windows 7 machine. I'm using CS5.5 and have been for a while, and greatly enjoy it. I'm looking to get into the ultra 4K HD video business but have been trying to test how well it'l work with my current set up, and I'm just not sure how to approach editing something of that nature. Similar to any instance when I apply a third party video effect (Magic Bullet Looks, for instance), after maybe a second or two of playback, the video begins to chop out. Watching my hardware, I see that the cores do spike, but certainly don't run at 100% capacity. The RAM rests at about 5GB usage, leaving at the least, rougly 10GB free. I have the same happen to me when I imported some R3D footage (without effect). Even at 1/4 playback resolution, I get the same results. I've always just imported the footage and worked with it, and in the instances in which I have effects applied, I just rendered before watching. Obviously that's not ideal with 4K working long term. I'm wondering if there is a better way to work with this footage, if I've missed something, if hardware really is the cause, or something else. To be fair, and to identify my lack of knowledge on the subject, I don't understand what "offline" editing is, so maybe that's my problem? It's hard for me to say as I've always worked with Canon's DSLR HD footage, and it's never given me a problem, outside of effects driven stuff. Any shared wisdom would be great. Thank you again in advance.