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    PDA, GPS, and Location Capture in a form

      I want to make an application that would allow me to capture where I took a certain photo. This is a personal photohtaphy project.

      The basic process would be:
      1) Login
      2) Upload a photo
      3) Capture the GPS coordinates where the photo was taken.

      Steps 1 and 2 I know how to do, but for #3, I've got no clue. I'm using an HP iPaq 6515 Smartphone which has internet access and integrated GPS, so I can both connect to the web and find out where I'm at. The problem is in getting the two to work together.

      I need to be able to get the coordinates (simple latitude and longitude) out of the GPS and into a simple web form with three fields: Photo_upload, Photo_latitude, and Photo_longitude.

      I've searched on the web for different options, but I'm at the point where I'm not even sure what the question would be - much less the answer. Is there some kind of system variable(s) I can call?

      Please help!
        • 1. PDA, GPS, and Location Capture in a form
          SafariTECH Level 1
          You should contact HP about some type of SDK for your smartphone. Without knowing how it stores the data or how to retrieve it (if you even can) you won't be able to apply it to a web application.

          Most likley you will need to use some type of bridging appication to pull that data from the phone, which an SDK should provide answers to.

          If they don't have an SDK for it, then chances are it was never designed to allow that type of access, so you may need to just input the co-ordinates manually.