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    New iMac and CS 4

    Sebastian Gaeta



      I just bought a new iMac with 3TB fusion drive. I had all of the data transferred and now InDesign CS4 will not open. Is this a compatibility issue or is it just me and mine?



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          Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

          Hopefully you are aware that for Adobe applications, you simply can't move the executables from one disk drive on one computer to a disk drive on another computer and hope that the software will work. It won't! Adobe software must be installed on the system on which you wish to run the software.


          Data files (i.e., documents, font, and other graphic assets) can be moved, software cannot be.


          Hopefully, you deactivated your software before you decommissioned your old computer. You now must re-install the Adobe software on the new computer and let it activate. If you didn't deactivate on the old computer first and you are also running the software on a secondary computer (such as a notebook) and the software fails to activate on the new system, you will need to call Adobe for activation support for assistance. They may need to give you an extra activation to deal with the unactivated old computer.


                    - Dov


          PS:     You may also find that the latest MacOS version may not be all that compatible with older applications, such as CS4.

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            Sebastian Gaeta Level 1

            Outstanding Dov, thanks so much. I still have the old iMac and will deactivate the software and reinstall on the new one.


            I really appreciate the help and the quick response,



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              Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

              Good luck!


                        - Dov