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    How i can create animated slide show?


      How i can create animated slide show to my web sites listed bellow? Is Adobe PS suitble for it ?

      My websites are




      You knowladge will help me to develop my sites with attractive slide show

      Thank you

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          c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

          You are exposing yourself to the suspicion of spamming.


          And while I am not web design savvy I suspect applications other than Photoshop are better fitted to the task.

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            JJMack Most Valuable Participant

            It depends on what you want in a sideshow. There are Flash web viewers that preform quite well.  There are applications the will automate the process of creating these type of slide shows.  I use a Photoshop script to create mine. It generates all the html and the required slide xml file. Photoshop Scripting is powerful. So such a script can use Photoshop to generate any size web image files you care to use a and also thumbnails.  Using image file metadata  you can also include description, titles, exif in your slide show.  Here is an example.  Its uses a random function to pick an album for the sideshow. The is a menu bar the is hidden by default. Moving the mouse over the bottom of an slide will expose the menu and you can control the slide show and change album.  The WS-SlideShow flash web viewer is used so new Phone and tablets without flash support loose out after all Steve wanted nothing but the best web experience for his users.  There is a free non commercial user WS-SlideShow viewer and well a as a very low cost commercial version where you can add your personal logo.


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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              JJMack covers some possibilities, predicated on the embedded player in your Web site.


              You might want to look at another pair of Adobe programs, that work well together: Adobe Premiere Elements and Photoshop Elements. They are available in a bundle, and, if you do not have Photoshop Extended (up through CS 5.5), or Ps CS 6, or Ps CC, they cost MUCH less.


              One can create the SlideShow in the Organizer (sort of like Bridge, but with some differences), then can Send to Premiere Elements for final editing, such as the addition of Narration, or a Soundtrack. From PrE, one can then output to many, many different formats for linking to the player on the Web site.


              Now, if you have Ps Extended, Ps CS 6, or Ps CC already, you have video-editing capabilities, but some of the output options (and even Import options), will be limited.


              If searching for a program (or bundle of programs), then the Elements duo will do exactly what you need. Also, both of those programs have their own, very active forums, so you will have two communities to offer you support.


              Good luck,



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                aadrk Level 1

                Thanks Sir,

                That link take a long time to load but attractive slide show. Can i add such kind of slide show within inline frames sir ?

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                  aadrk Level 1

                  Thanks for your kind corporation Sir,

                  While loading web page will it take a more time. I'll try to do such with adobe premiere as you mentioned. Thank you again sir.

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                    JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                    My sideshows image files are large fitted to 1600x1200px for high quality images using smaller images file would reduce network transfer time and speed thing up some. As I wrote I create my sideshow with a Photoshop script. Adding a frame around images would be easy to program in.


                    Go to the ws-slideshow site. The author of the ws-slideshow viewer also has a tool for creating sideshows.  His side also has sideshow with smaller images if you want to test latencie with smaller image files.