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    CS6 for Mac HDR Pro just not working


      Firstly, sorry to I've had to start another thread on this subject, but the only other one I could find hasn't had a responce in 3 months.


      HDR Pro was working fine for me a few months ago, but now it just will not get off the ground. there are no Message boxes appearing either, and it looks as if it's just crashing.


      My system is an iMac with the following:


      8gb RAM 1600Mhz DDR3

      3 TB fusion drive

      3.2Ghz intel Core i5


      OS X Version 10.8.4


      Camera: Nikon D7000


      When I try to merge 3 RAW files in to HDR Pro it will start stacking the images but at the end returns to the Photoshop App screen with no trace of the HDR screen. I have gone in to preferences> Interface> checked the box 'Open documents as tabs' (As suggested on the other thread), but this is not working.


      I haven't as yet deleted the photoshop photo settings file as I'm unsure if I have to save anything beforehand? My technical knowledge of computers isn't that hot!


      Any help with this would be appreciated!

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          I am having the exact same issue.  Doesn't matter if I go to HDR Pro from Lightroom 5 or from Bridge.  The result is the same.  Just before the HDR dialogue box opens all the layers dissappear and photoshop reverts back to a blank screen as if I had just opened it.  Using bracketed RAW files one stop apart from my D 800.  Using CS6 with Adobe Raw 8.1.  Checked for updates and everything is up to date.