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    Gartner SKU 76011 template


      I am extremely frustrated.  My daughter who is in Arizona bought Gartner 76011 tent cards for her wedding seating place cards.  I am in another state trying to design the cards and send the files to her so she can print them on her laser printer. Gartner only has a Word template and using the measurements Garnter sent me...the template I built in Adobe does not conform. We have sent a million files back and forth, but adjusting to something I can't see is tough.  She even scanned a sheet and I laid out  precisely on the llines of her scanned sheet....still no joy.


      To be polite, Gartner's Word template does not lend itsef to design.  Even if I wanted to use Word for a design....the template makes that difficult....it has no lines....just occasional dots and teh position of a name...no way to place a design.  There are little quote marks and no way to decern where the actual margins and edges are.  I looked to see if Avery had a template for 6 on a card tent cards...they do not.  It apperas that the Gartner Cards vary a little depending on which line you are on....so the 6 cards are not all EXACTLY the same. To make matters worse, I live at least an hour from the closest store.


      Does anyone have any hints or tricks.  Is there a hidden repository of templates that work with InDesign or Photoshop? Why in heven's name would  they only have unseeable Word templates.  Any insight or suggestions appreciated.