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    Raw files WITH audio appear in timeline WITHOUT audio

    dv416 Level 1

      I have many files that absolutely HAVE audio appear with none in the timeline. The track itself is there, but the waveform is flat, no sound, and nothing in the source monitor. However, when you "reveal in finder" that particular clip, and play it through VLC, there IS audio.


      My thought is that the metadata associated with the clip is corrupted, be it xmp, cfa, or pek.


      I have run into this problem several times now. As far as I know, there is no easy way to have premiere to"redo" the audio conforming. Short of mucking around manually to find and delete all the metadata associated with that clip, I don't konw what to do. And I feel like even that doesn't always work...


      For this particular project, I am collaborating remotely with another editor, so I completely understand the problem - the project files not routing to the same metadata or soemthing. That said, I did try to "reload" the footage and point premiere back to the original on my machine, but it still comes in with no audio in the timeline. I think it even tried to conform, but it clearly didn't do anything. Premiere thinks there's no audio at all.


      Anyone have any ideas?

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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          Don't delete anything in the media folders, delete the cache files created by PP.  That will force PP to rebuild them when you reopen a project.

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            dv416 Level 1

            Any advice as to how to do that most efficiently? "Clean cache database" in the media preferences doesn't equate to "delete all cache." Its cleaning the cache for old projects or something, right?


            And it is extremely difficult to manually delete these files, since many of the clip across many different projects stored in the cache folder share the same name, so the pek and cfa files are basically the same names too. no way to know which is which, save for painstaking attention to each file's modification date.


            does it have anything to do with the XMP files too? Or is it just the pef and cfa? Which is the culprit here?


            Thanks for your help, Jim.