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    Quicktime and iOS

    TimT Level 1

      I am trying to publish a movie to iOS but am getting the following error on the ipad when the movie starts.


      Director Player Error

      This application requires an xtra (quicktime) that either does not exsist or failed to initialize properly....


      The director project uses quicktime sound (not movies) and the movie has the Quicktime6 Asset, Quicktime Asset Options, and Quicktime Agent xtras included. I have read somewhere on the forum that iOS dosen't support video on the iOS does this mean quicktime audio files are not supported either? Or am I missing something else?

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          Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

          While I'm sure iOS supports sound, it probably doesn't do so using QuickTime. Why are you using QuickTime to play sounds when there is built-in support that doesn't rely on QuickTime?

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            TimT Level 1

            .aif sounds play okay in a projector on iOS. But in a few places in my current project I'm using movieRate and movieTime to control the sound, which I can only do with quicktime.


            I couldn't find any documentation saying quicktime isn't (or is supported) on iOS. So I don't know if it just won't work or I'm doing something wrong when creating a projector.

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              Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

              While I don't know specifically, I'm going to suggest that QuickTime just plain won't work on iOS. I'm not sure that iOS even contains a QuickTime installation (which is what the xtra relies on for playback).


              Why functionality specifically are you relying on with movieRate and movieTime that member(sound).duration, sound(channel).pause()/play(), and sound(channel).elapsedTime/currentTime don't provide?

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                TimT Level 1

                Thanks Sean


                It was an old project I was updating for ios - I got it working with audio files.


                I was just hoping I wouldn't have to do the extra work.