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    Cannot register PayPal account - conflict with existing registration




      I originally set up a FormsCentral subscription, created a form and successfully registered it to a PayPal account. So far so good.


      I then set up a new FormsCentral subscription (for another team) and duplicated the form from the previous account (via sharing) such that a new form was created under the new account and such that the new form was owned by the new account. However now when I try to register the new form to the same PayPal account I get the message below.




      The registration looks like it has succeeded, the Enable PayPal Payments checkbox is ticked, I can see the Purchase Fields (as copied from the original form) and I can also Test the form. However PayPal does not come up on the new form, it does not get activated. What is going on? Also, if I try and Re-register the same PayPal account, FormsCentral does not tell me that the account is already registered, like it does on the original form.


      If I can only have one PayPal account across all FormsCentral accounts then I want to use the PayPal account on the new FormsCentral account, but how do I do that?




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          Eman Fu Adobe Employee

          Hi John,


          We do have the restriction that a single PayPal account would only work for one FormsCentral account. However, you are allowed to register the same PayPal account in another FC account, but the forms in your current FC account would lose their payment ability.


          I tried the same scenario as yours: create a payment form, share it to another user, duplicate that form in another user account, and register the same PayPal account in that account. Then I can pay with the form in another user account. Everything works fine to me.


          The problem you saw might be due to an known bug, which we have been fixed a while ago. Your document might have been created before the bug fix, so it still has the problem. Do you mind sharing the form to me (emanfu@adobe.com) so that I can verify if the problem is due to the one I mentioned?


          To get around the current problem so that you can continue your work, please do this:

          1. In your old account, open the form you want and export the form design with File->Export Design File and save the .fcdt file in a temp folder.

          2. Log in to your new account, and import the design file in Form Organizer with File->Import Design File.

          3. Open the imported form and register the desired PayPal account.


          Please let me know if this does not work for you.




          Eman Fu

          Senior Computer Scientist

          Adobe Systems Incorporated

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            KASCJW Level 1

            Hi Eman,


            The export / import works, thanks for that. I have shared the problematic form with you.