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    problem exporting a file **URGENT**

      I have the trial version of Director MX 2004 and I am making a video. I recorded the audio (.mp3) seperate from the actual video file (.mov) I imported both into the cast and everything seems to run fine when I play it on the stage. The problem is: when I go to export it, the file is only 2mb and 3 seconds long, while the original is almost 3 minutes. I took some screen shots below for refrence. If anyone could help me. I looked in the Help folder but nothing really made sense.

      Also, if this helps: I'm running on Windows Home XP on a PC. I've already tried different compressions such as Animation, Video and Compression (I'm going on memory) Video. I've also tried both Tempo and Real Time.

      Images for better help
      main window for exporting
      options menu on the export menu
      main window (stage, cast, score)

      Thank you for the help. If anyone can help me, I would be grateful since I have to have this done by tomorrow.
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          You need a frame script to loop the playback head. The basic script is

          on exitFrame
          go to the frame

          This script goes in the frame script channel, which is the channel above
          sprite channel 1 (and above the frame counters there the red playback head
          is). Double-click the top left little grey square on the score and put this
          code in there. This will keep the playback head looping allowing your movie
          to continue playing. Now you will probably want to do something when the
          move ends, but this will get you started.

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            I'm not seeing a Frame Script Channel. I went under Modify then to Frame then to Script, where it created a behavior script in my cast (marked with a flower and the number 3). When I went to export it, it still only exported 4 seconds of the original clip.
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              I should also add that when it's exporting, after I click Export, it goes to a gray screen where the movie is playing in the left hand corner, about 2 minutes after that it looks like it froze then goes back to what looks like Director freezing up. (sidebars are gone, no toolbar, just the cast, script, and stage)

              I hope that helps my situation a little bit.
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                You can see it in the 3rd picture you posted

                See the verticle red line in the score. Near the top it pass through a red
                square, the red square is the playback head. The red line continues above
                the square. Directly beneath the top of the red line is the frame script
                channel. You can drag and drop the behavior that you create into that 1
                little gray square (or double click it which will create new behavior that
                you can add the line of code to).

                What is happening now is that your movie ends when that playback head
                reaches the last frame with anything in it, which looks like about frame 30
                from the picture. Depending on the frame rate your movie is playing at,
                determines how quickly. If you are playing at 10 frames per second, that
                means you movie will only last 3 seconds.

                The script will stop this from happening. The script says something like
                this in english:

                "When the playback head is leaving this frame, go to this frame."

                This create a loop effect. The play back head loops on which ever frame you
                have the script in. The quicktime movie continues to play as expected. The
                director movie does not end prematurely. See if you can get this much
                working now.

                The thing you will want to decide is what you want the director movie to do
                when the quicktime move you have put in there ends. When you decide, come
                back and I or someone else can tell you how to modify the framescript to
                handle this.

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                  On Fri, 09 Jun 2006 18:47:42 GMT, spacekidx posted in

                  > export it, the file is only 2mb and 3
                  > seconds long

                  Dave C has given you good advice for creating a projector (executable program

                  However, Director is not a video editing program. What you're attempting to
                  do would be much easier with a video editor such as Adobe Premiere. Or in
                  your given example, even with QuickTime Pro.

                  Director's strength is in making interactive multimedia applications or games
                  for CDs, DVD-ROMs, Shockwave, etc.

                  Mark A. Boyd
                  Keep-On-Learnin' :)