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      Why does the rendering process keep repeating? Is rendering necessary before I burn a disk and how can it be stopped?

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Always good to say what version of Premiere Elements that you are working with and on what computer operating system it is running.


          There are two types of rendering in Premiere Elements, one is rendering of the Timeline content to get the best possible preview of what is being displayed in the Edit Mode Monitor playback of the Timeline content. The other is more often referred to exporting.


          Rendering of the Timeline content is not required for the burn to disc process. It is just a preview thing. But, this type of rendering is your window of opportunity to catch a problem sooner than later. It is particularly indicated when judging what you have in the way of titles, effects, transitions, and non native video formats.


          What do you mean by "...the rendering process keep repeating?" The program gives 3 indicators of preview display status...no colored line and green indicate that you are getting the best possible preview. Red (versions earlier than 11) or Orange (version 11) are indicators that you are not seeing the best possible preview of the Timeline content playback in the Edit Mode Monitor. So, you render the Timeline content with the red or orange line over it to get the best possible preview. But, green line is not forever. It is until you edit the content again. That is normal.


          There is lots more about rendering the Timeline that we could go into. Please ask if you want further details.


          Please let us know if we have targeted your question. And, please remember, your full details help us to help you get to the core of your issue sooner than later.





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            38dgg Level 1

            Thank you for the helpful response. What I meant by repeating is that the

            rendering bar advanced to 100% and it would start again at zero and go

            100%. I finally found how to disable it and feel better that you have said

            that it is not critical for burning a disk.


            BTW, I am using PSE and PE version 8. My computer is an HP Pavillon and

            runs Windows Vista.

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              Thanks for the follow up. It sounds like you have everything under control. But, if you have time, just for clarification


              the rendering bar advanced to 100% and it would start again at zero and go



              When all this was going on, what was happening at the Timeline level....after its first 1 to 100% was the red over the Timeline content completely replaced by green line OR were there sections of the Timeline content that still had red over it when the rendering progress started at 0% again spontaneously?


              How did you disable the "rendering of the Timeline"?


              Here is were I am getting to wonder if you are referring to

              a. Automatic rendering of the Timeline by the Background Rendering feature of Premiere Elements 8


              b. Rendering of the Timeline initiated by you and hitting the Enter key of the computer main keyboard.


              Please remember, for most of the time to be able to use Premiere Elements 8, Premiere Elements 8 needs to be run as the 8.0.1 Update with the automatic Background Rendering and AutoAnaylzer features turned off. For Background Rendering feature option, see Premiere Elements workspace Edit Menu/Preferences/General. For AutoAnalyzer, see Elements Organizer workspace Edit Menu/Preferences/AutoAnalzyer Options.





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                38dgg Level 1

                By going into the Edit menu, Preferences and General area, I noticed that a

                box labelled Enable Background Rendering was checked. I unchecked it and

                the Rendering was no longer displayed on the project page. Prior to this,

                as I explained, the bar would go from 0% to 100%, then repeat the process

                over and over. Unfortunately, I was not paying attention to the colored

                "bars" below the Timeline but noticed after burning the project that they

                are red above the first audio (?) track and yellow above the lower audio

                (?) track. As you have guessed, I am not very proficient at using PE 8 so,

                can't give you any further observations.


                Hope I'm not being too presumptious with your expertise but I have been

                encountering another issue which I have been unable to solve. It has to do

                with the music accompanyment to my slides. In Organizer, when I add the

                music, I coincide the end of the last soundtrack with the final slide

                (usually by adjusting the slide duration). I also adjust the volume to be

                the same for each music selection. When I play the slide show, full screen,

                in Photoshop 8, the music plays to the end. However, after burning a DVD,

                in Premier Elements, the music stops, mid-track, before the last 4 or 5

                slides. I have tried adding a few more blank slides and/or inserting an

                additional song but this has not worked. Is there a simple solution to this


                Thank you in advance for your help.



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                  Thanks for the update. Sounding good.


                  How are you sending the Photoshop Elements 8 Slideshow to Premiere Elements 8.0/8.0.1....

                  a. Send to Premiere Elements


                  b. Burn to Disc


                  If you are using Burn to Disc, you are probably going directly to the Disc Menu section before the burn to DVD so you are not getting the opportunity to check out the video and audio once it arrives in Premiere Elements 8.0/8.0.1. If that is the case, click on the Edit Header to move back from Disc Menus and adjust the audio accordingly in the Edit area. If need be, you should be able to right click the slideshow and hit the command Break Apart Elements Organizer Slideshow to give you more editing flexibility. After you adjust the audio, then you can go back to Disc Menus, followed by the Share/Disc/DVD disc.


                  Another approach is to tweek the audio in the Elements Organizer Slideshow Editor side of things...do you have the Slideshow Editor preferences set for Repeat Soundtrack Until Last Slide?


                  Another approach to all this is

                  a. create the slideshow no music

                  b. import the slideshow into Premiere Elements, use the Break Apart Elements Organizer Slideshow command, and then add music and adjust it.


                  Please check out the possibilities and then we will decide the next steps if necessary.





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                    38dgg Level 1

                    Many thanks . Tomorrow and Friday are very busy days for me. I will try to

                    work on your suggestions over the weekend and let you know the results.



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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      Looking forward to your results when you get the time.


                      If any questions develop while working through the suggestions, please do not hesitate to stop and post for clarification and/or further instructions.



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                        38dgg Level 1

                        Yesterday, I successfully burned a slide show -- i.e., the music tract

                        played to the end. However, I failed the scientific method test because I

                        used 2 (rather than 1) variables and can't say that one of these actions

                        was the difference maker. On the initial slide show preferences, I checked

                        the box enabling the music to loop at the end. Rather than go to burn a

                        disk (Output Media) from the tool bar at the top of the the slide show

                        editor, I went to the right side and went to PE via "Share" tab. In the

                        future, I will repeat this process and, hopefully, solve my problem.


                        Thank you, again, for your help. The things I especially liked were your

                        rapid responses and the ease I had in following your clear instructions.


                        D (38dgg)

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                          A.T. Romano Level 7



                          Glad to hear the great news. Congratulation of your hard work and success.


                          You brought up an interesting approach that I had not tried. As I understood what you did,


                          a. With your Slide Show Project saved to the Elements Organizer 11, you selected its thumbnail in the Elements Organizer 11, went to the Elements Organizer Share Header, and selected "Burn Video DVD/Blu-ray which takes the slideshow into Premiere Elements workspace targeted for menus and burn to. The slideshow is in the .psess format.


                          b. Now if you used the Elements Organizer 11 Slideshow Editor Output option "Burn to Disc"/DVD, you would have gotten the same thing, but the slideshow on the Timeline would have been in the .wmv format not the .psess format.


                          Very interesting. The interesting would be due to the psess format which let you use the Break Apart Elements Organizer Slideshow command in Premiere Elements workspace if you decide you want to do some significant edits in Premiere Elements before being forced in menu and burn to just then.


                          You also mentioned about looping. Did you mean by that the Slideshow Preference "Repeat Soundtrack Until last Slide"?


                          But all is sounding good. Keep up the good work.


                          Thanks again.