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    Can't find elements folder on imac


      Hi guys,


      Obviously I'm overseeing something here.....but I'm trying to install some 'actions', but can't find the Adobe Photoshop Elements folder. This is the path I was told to try:


      Mac: Hard Drive > Library > Application Support > Adobe > Photoshop Elements


      I can get to the "Adobe" folder, but in that folder there is no "Photoshop Elements"-folder.

      Only two folders in there:

      - Common

      - Flash PLayer install Manager


      I've got Elements 10.0 installed on a iMac running on OSx 10.7.5


      Anybody a good idea?



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          Barbara B. Level 7

          Probably you're in the wrong library. There are three library folders on your mac:


          system>library, which you should never touch


          Your username>library, which is hidden in 10.7 (option click the Go menu in the finder to see it)


          and the one you want, the library folder at the top level of your hard drive. This isn't hidden, but it's hard to see in 10.7. The easiest way to get to it is to go to the Finder preferences>sidebar and, for Show these items in the sidebar,  turn on Hard Disks. Then when you open a new finder window if you click the name of your computer the library will be at the top level of the results.

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            teunjapie Level 1


            just stumbled on this answer: http://forums.adobe.com/message/4440792#4440792

            I as well bought PS Elements trough the app store and don't have the adobe folder. I'm working against a deadline so I need my problem to be fixed as soon as possible.

            Am I correct to say I need to buy the software again as a downloaded setup?

            And then try to get a refund on my App Store purchase?


            Thanks for your help!


            (sorry for crossposting this, trying to reach you as soon a possible. You can delete this post and respond in Natalie's if you want too)

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              teunjapie Level 1

              You're even quicker than I thought

              So the problem isn't that I can't see the library folder, but my problem is that the Adobe-folder doesn't contain a Elements folder.

              That being a result from having installed an app store purchase, right?

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                Barbara B. Level 7

                I'm afraid there's bad news. The app store version of PSE 10 cannot use actions, nor anything else  that involves deleting mediadatabase.db3. How did you "just" buy PSE 10, though? PSE 11 has been in the app store for several months.

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                  Barbara B. Level 7

                  I would suggest for your immediate problem that you download the trial of PSE 11 and use that for your project. It's pretty different from PSE 10 (be sure to click Expert at the top of the window to get to the equivalent of full edit), but it does have an actions panel that lets you load actions by clicking the four-lined square on the right side of the panel and choosing Load Actions.


                  I would not recommend buying any version of PSE right now at this time of year.


                  A further caveat on the app store version: once a new version appears in the store you can no longer reinstall your current version. If you bought PSE 10 in the app store and uninstall it for any reason, you get a warning that it's not available when you click on your list of purchases to reinstall it. (This happens with all apps in the store, but most developers have a spot on their site where you can download previously purchased versions. Adobe doesn't.)

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                    teunjapie Level 1

                    I bought it in December 2012.........in a hurry, should have known better.


                    And yesterday I bought Elements+, that's the reason I wanted to find the particular map.

                    The reason is; I got a project from an other company with group layers in it, obviously with PSE 10 I can't open or edit them.


                    Will downloading the trial of PSE 11 make this possible? Can I use elements+ on the trial version?


                    Thx again Barbara, you've been really helpfull

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                      Barbara B. Level 7

                      As far as I know it's not possible to install elements+ on the app store version, sorry. You might ask them if they know a way.


                      Yes, you could install elements+ in the PSE 11 trial, the same way you'd install it in the regularl version of PSE 11.


                      The problem with the app store versions of PSE is that they have a bug that makes them not care about mediaDatabase.db3, so while you can install anything you like that involves deleting that, after you delete mediadatabase, the app store version doesn't care that it's gone and never rebuilds it so that nothing ever shows up in the panels in the program.