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    InDesign CC Crashes when attempting to create TOC

    buck415 Level 1

      I have a 450+ page book composed of some 24 .indd files containing placed .icml files. There is also approximately 150 .ai and .psd files placed within those documents.


      When I go to Layout > Table of Contents and attempt to insert a plain HTML page style TOC, InDesign crashes.


      What can I do to solve?




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          buck415 Level 1

          Hi Salah, thanks for the response.


          I've taken a few days to explore the solution in that thread, and still had the problem.


          The primary error message I seemed to be getting with some files was that a certain font was not found. I use the Adobe provided Adobe Caslon Pro in all of the .indd files, but the error message came up saying that Adobe Caslon Nothing was not on my system and that a substitute font would be used....


          After a bit more experimenting, I completely removed InDesign and InCopy, emptied the Temp directories and cache, emptied the recycle bin, restarted, reinstalled both programs, rebuilt the book from a plain text file and had the same problem.


          My process included pasting plain text into .indd and then exporting that to an InCopy file.


          When the InCopy file was linked to the book, no TOC would be generated.


          When I unlinked the InCopy file, then the TOC generated without any problems.


          Thanks again for your help.