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    Error message



      Whilst attempting to open Photoshop/Premiere Elements 10 I encountered the following error (debug event) message:


      This error is stopping access to either programme.

      Loss of material is important and a no go.

      My questions are; Can I effect a repair using the original install discs? or

      would it be better to back up then uninstall both programmes before doing a full reinstall.

      If I choose this course will I still retain the photo libraries that are currently stored there??

      Three and a half hours wait on the live chat last night proved a total waste of time....I am

      hoping someone one this forum might be able to give advice.



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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          A quick Google https://www.google.com/#nfpr=1&q=WSEMSUtil&start=0 only resulted in 9 messages... you might read those to see if any other discussion had a solution

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            What computer operating system are you running Photoshop Elements 10 and Premiere Elements 10 on?


            And, is this a "worked before without this error but not now" type problem or a "never worked before, always got this error" problem?



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              A.T. Romano Level 7

              DJL12 has replied in a new thread which has been closed so that others would continue in the thread that we are in now.


              In the thread that was closed, DJL12 replied:


              Thanks for the reply Romano

              When did this start?...difficult to pin down precisely as I only use the programme occasionally.

              I have recently done a "duplicate files" clean out, but this has been done before and without problem.

              There also have recently been an awful lot of Microsoft update to the system.....makes me wonder??

              I use a cleaner type programme regularly and registry cleans/defrags as part of general maintenance.

              I still suspect it is just a missing file that launches these programmes.....but how do I prove it.

              I think I will have to try the "live chat" lines her in the UK and try to get a resolution to this one.




              My reply to the above:


              When you opened the thread we are in now, you wrote

              Three and a half hours wait on the live chat last night proved a total waste of time


              Now you write "I think I will have to try the "live chat" lines here in the UK and try to get a resolution to this one."

              Did the rep in the first live chat have you uninstall/reinstall the program during those 3 hours+ session?

              Were you asked to follow up on a suggestion and get back to them and you never did?

              On what basis was that first live chat concluded?


              Please update us on your progress.





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                DJL12 Level 1

                Hi Romano

                On first discovering this problem I went to the Adobe website and entered the error code in an attempt to find out what it meant.

                I could find no direct answers, and eventually ended up on the Photoshop Forum where my original question was placed.

                I received one reply one there directing me to this forum for further information.

                In the meantime I found a link to the "live chatlines" and logged on, First time I got down to number 2 in the queue and the session was suddenly and unexpectedly terminated, this was before being answered!

                I later tried again, similar thing happened when it got near to my turn.

                Third time I waited in queue from number 29 !! down to number 2 where it just sat for over an hour (I guess they went on a lunch break).

                Eventually my turn came (after waiting 3 and half hours), only to be told by the tech person that I would need expert help !!!!!!

                I thought they were experts on the helplines ???  No advice was given during the call time with them.

                This was on the Adobe site in the States, so after wasting all that time I got precisely no where......very disappointed.

                I later found that there was a UK site available for live chats......this is the one I have yet to contact for advice.


                I was hoping it might be as easy as being able to backup.......uninstall........clean reinstall...........without losing all the

                photographs that the programme holds. I just need to be assured that this is possible.


                So there you have the full story

                Once again thanks for taking the time to reply to me.



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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Thanks for the details.


                  You should not lose your stored photos and videos in the Elements Organizer nor the files stored in Documents/Adobe/Premiere Elements/10. Just do not move any source media for a project after the save/close of that project. If you have any user custom made presets of any sort, then they are likely to be lost. That is how it has been working for me.


                  But, nothing is ever 100%, so I would backup whatever you can that is valuable.


                  Please let us know the outcome with Adobe live chat UK. Since Adobe Tech Support classically deals with purchased/registered/latest version, I am not sure how far you will get with the Adobe and your Premiere Elements 10.



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                    DJL12 Level 1

                    Hi Romano

                    Once again thanks for replying, since this morning (my earlier reply) I have been on the "live chat" site to an "expert".

                    I asked direct was this a USA or a UK site......the reply was This is Adobe Technical Service located in Bangalore, India !!!

                    I suppose that should not be that surprising nowadays, although the website leads you (as it did me) to think theat the technical advice comes from Adobe in the States, or from one of their other selected Countries Agents/ websites.....


                    This guy today was very helpful although he was unable to come up with an answer, the session ended as being "left open" and for

                    me to have to call back later to talk direct to an........EXPERT !!!  Unbelievable.

                    To this guys credit.....he did suggest after prompting.....that I might do a backup, uninstall then do a reinstall.

                    Like yourself he suggested that all should be ok and that I ought not to lose the information stored.

                    I accept what you say that everything is not 100% sure, I have to live with that risk if I am to get these programmes back to being

                    able to access them.

                    Incidentally the programme is a fully registered and purchased product from Adobe, and like others would at least have expected

                    to be able to access some form of technical backup from the manufacturers.

                    I will let you know the outcome a little later, I am about to take the plunge and uninstall the lot and to a clean sweep of the system

                    before reinstalling the product.



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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      You should be OK. I had the same misgivings the first time I had to do a registry adjust as part of some troubleshooting. The disclaimers can be overwhelming. I bit the bullet, went ahead with the registry fix, obtained the success I had planned for, and have seen since moved forward on that type of troubleshooting risk with successful results.


                      In my way of thinking, Premiere Elements uninstall/reinstall has essential little risk as compared.


                      But always best to have a safety net in case this time is the 1 of 100000 when things will not go as they should.


                      We will be watching for your results.



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                        DJL12 Level 1

                        Hi again A.T. Romano


                        In my last mail I noticed I was "on moderation" cannot understand why that should have been, if I caused anyone offence then I offer my apologies!

                        I also realise that I have been calling you by presumably your surname....no offence intended by that, simply had not noticed

                        the initials preceeding it.

                        UPDATE;  We still have not found out what the error code means, what caused it, or why it appeared when it did, and it seems ADOBE experts don`t know either........however I bit the bullet and followed to the letter the uninstall procedure from the website guide.

                        Did a complete cleandown, registry/defrag,disc check etc,  left the machine to sort itself out for an hour then commenced a full


                        Fingers crossed and opened up the programme......it worked and seems that no data was lost.......cracked it!!!

                        I am dissapointed with the response or lack of from the manufacturers over this issue.......it will not stop me from using the

                        product though which I am very happy with.

                        To all you guys who took the trouble to read and or reply to my initial request for help......THANK YOU....it was appreciated.

                        Safely consider this thread closed now!

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                          A.T. Romano Level 7



                          First, great, great (not enough greats) on your success with Premiere Elements issue resolved. Congratulation for staying with the troubleshooting and stick-to-it-tiveness.


                          As for the "on moderation" business, I have no idea what that is all about and will ask the forum moderator Steve Grisetti to look into that or tell us whom to contact about finding out what is going on in that regard.


                          I took no offense at anything that you have written that I have seen and had nothing to do with that on moderation message that you encountered.


                          Continued success. Very pleased with your results.



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                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                            In my last mail I noticed I was "on moderation" cannot understand why that should have been, if I caused anyone offence then I offer my apologies!



                            This was probably due to the Adobe Forums' "spam traps." There are words, that trigger those traps, as they are commonly used in spam. Even though we use those words in a proper context, they still trigger, and the post usually goes into Moderation. This has happened to me on many occasions - one word, that could have another meaning, sets off the software's alarms. Moderators then get to see the post, and if legit, just let it go through. I have been sent copies of my own "Under Moderation" posts, but decline to pass those through, as I feel that however benign my post was, that would not be ethical - sort of like a judge ruling on a case, in which they are involved.


                            I have been very surprised at some of the words, that have triggered Moderation in some of my posts - one was the word "streaming," used in a sentence like this, "WMV is a good choice for output, if one needs *streaming* Video... " That word got flagged many times, though used harmlessly, in a legit response in one of these forums.


                            I would not worry about it, and you may never know WHAT the trigger-word was, but should, by now, have gotten an e-mail, basically saying, "You passed - never mind."


                            Good luck,



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                              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                              I agree with Bill.


                              He and I moderate this forum and neither of us tagged the forum guest.


                              ATR is a major contributor to the forum but couldn't have tagged you as a spammer if he'd wanted to.


                              So I think Bill is right. Something you wrote must have triggered something automatic.

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                                the_wine_snob Level 9

                                I have looked at that Reply (# 6, I presume), and could not find any word, or words, that looked like likely candidates to me. Over the years, I have found out what a few of the "trigger words" are, but have never seen any list of all of them - just one here, and one there. Most of my limited knowledge has come from my own posts, and with a few, even Adobe-Admin had no clue what got flagged - as it is done through the Jive software, using a form of AI, but with a word list.


                                One of my posts that got flagged was about golf, 100%. Still, there was an unknown word, that none of us ever figured out, that could have done it.


                                Now, another subscriber could have Reported the Reply, but that would not show up immediately. If, upon hitting the Post button, a message about Moderation was displayed, then there is some word in there, that triggered the software. We will probably never know which one it was - but I saw nothing that looked even remotely like a "trigger word."


                                As my Moderation Queue empties, as soon as everything in it has been addressed by MOD's, or Administrators, there is nothing to even check on - poof! gone.



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                                  DJL12 Level 1

                                  Good morning to

                                  AT Romano, Steve and Bill

                                  All of whom replied to my last, with reference to the "moderation" and the "trigger words", I fully understand all of thes

                                  (I am too a moderator on one of the Yahoo groups) with this in mind I am usually careful what I say and the way things are

                                  said so not to cause a problem.  Not in the least bit bothered by this, so no need to get worried guys !!

                                  Believe me it was a relief when I powered up the programmes after the reinstall to find all the data still there, and that the

                                  "fix" had indeed worked. Once again I thank all of you.



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                                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                                    Believe me it was a relief when I powered up the programmes after the reinstall to find all the data still there, and that the "fix" had indeed worked. Once again I thank all of you.


                                    That is great news, and we are glad to hear it.


                                    Happy editing and good luck,