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    Lining up selection fields and formatted text fields in columnar format


      I am attempting to create a form that displays what would essentially be a two column table.    The first column would contain a list of educational degrees.  The second column would contain information about the years those degrees are offered.  I cannot figure out a way to get two such columns to line up when the first is a selection field and the second is a formatted text field – I have tried all kinds of font sizes/types in the formatted text element and nothing works to line it up with the selection element.   I also tried putting each degree in a separate selection field and adding a corresponding formatted text field to the right of it – this would work, except that each selection field has a header area that, when left unfilled, leaves a large gap between rows.  I have a very large list, so this spacing won’t work.


      Any thoughts on workarounds or solutions?  Here’s my test form: https://adobeformscentral.com/?f=Qu%2AwLz183ybtorHpKVEvjQ