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    I have exported a file as a custom mp4 (1gb) and the file i have been left with is 1kb, any ideas?


      Hi everyone.


      I made a 23minute edit of some gopro footage yesterday. Rendered the footage, then exported it as an h.264 file following a guide on youtube. I set the target and maximum bandwidth to 6 changed the level from 4 to 5.1 and i think that was pretty much it.


      Clicked export, sure enough it took forever. The estimated file size was 1044mb. The exporting took around 3/3.5 hours. Then once i reached 100% the dialogue box disappeared, i navigated to the output location to find the mp4 file with the correct title but only 1kb large so it obviously won't play!


      Any ideas on what went wrong and how i can fix it? I am a little bit devastated at the wasted time if not!


      Thanks in advance for your time. I have some experience with Illustrator and PS through work but i have never used PP before.