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    HTTP Status 301 for Flex2Gateway


      Sorry if this isn't the right forum to post this to, but here goes. Here's a little background:
      1. Running CFMX7.2 on Windows 2003 with IIS
      2. IIS previously pointed default dir to folder named: frc_wwwroot.
      3. Updated to point to wwwroot per default installation

      I've developed a Flex that uses CFCs via RemoteObject application locally (non-HTTPS environment) and moved it to production server (HTTPS environment). I've modified the local services-config.xml file to compensate for HTTPS and re-compiled the application. When I try to run the application and monitor using Service Capture, the application fails and returns HTTP status 301 for the flex2gateway.
      so 2 questions:
      1. do i need to modify the server (production) services-config.xml file? I don't think this is it, since the app is compiled locally.
      2. Do I need to remove/reinstall the CF/Flex2gateway connectors per this site since we've moved the wwwroot folder?

      I'm desperate to fix this. Any help is greatly appreciated.

      Chris Martinez