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    ACR Auto Adjust Potential Bug

    b2martin_a Level 2

      I am using Photoshop CS6 Windows and processing D700 NEF files with ACR 8.2 Beta.  When I first start adjusting an image I click the Auto Button to see what it recommends.  I use the Camera profiles (Camera Neutral v4, etc) and the Black Slider always goes to +1 after I click the Auto Button.  I just noticed today that if I select Adobe Standard as the profile the Black slider does not go to just +1, but various values depending on the image - is this a bug in the software, because +1 is not the correct value for all images when using the Camera profiles.  This is not just with ACR 8.x, but also occurs with ACR 7.x with the Camera profiles, but I can't check to see if ACR 7.x works correctly with the Adobe Standard profiles because I have updated to ACR 8.2 Beta.