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    The name of this class conflicts with the name of another class

      I had a problem when compiling my flash movie. I had made an instance from a class, but the output kept saying:
      "The name of this class, XXX, conflicts with the name of another class that was loaded XXX."

      I read a lot of developers have the same problems, when i looked it up:
      Google link on : "conflicts with the name of antother class that was loaded"
      Apparently it is some kind of bug caused by different times, between local/network machines and servers.
      Also when there is a time difference involved between 2 computers, then this problem also occurs.

      Can't macromedia fix this bug? .....Because as a developer i don't want to adjust my time, everytime i want to test my flash movies or have to compile my movie 2 times. The other developers are getting tired of it also.

      We need to get this bug trough to macromedia or adobe!
      It needs to be fixed!