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    Photomerge segments the panorama and isn't stitching properly


      So whilst on holiday I decided to take a panorama of the beach I was on, and as a general the photo's came out well and all have around 20% overlap, however when I put the photos into Photomerge in Photoshop CC or CS6 it results in this:


      Screenshot from 2013-09-01 16:59:00.png

      Screenshot from 2013-09-01 16:59:00.png

      As you can see part of the image decides to float above another part and there's even one below the lower segment. The panorama itself is 22 images, but I onnly used eight to try and find out if the problem was the number of images, it appears it isn't. I've tried both the "auto" and "perspective" options under the Photomerge dialogue, neither helps. It should be noted that before it "blends the images", under the layers section, all of the images do line up. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


      I'm using the images in their RAW format (.NEF), although I did try in the .jpeg as well, neither worked.

      I'm running Photoshop under a VM as I'm running Ubuntu, although I did try on my Windows 8 laptop aswell, again neither had a good result.