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    Export hangs when "use previews" is selected

    Greg Popp Level 2

      I have a 10 minute short that I've edited that's mostly 4K ProRes 422 but also some "flashbacks" that are h264 1080p and even 720p on my Macbook Pro with Retina Display, using a RAID Thunderbolt drive.


      I work in software mode in Premiere Pro CC, because even though I have a supported nVidia card and the latest CUDA drivers, I'm one of those Macbook Retina users who's had no love whatsoever in CUDA mode.  In software mode, and I can edit easily at 1/2 or 1/4 resolution (and given the 4K - it still looks awesome on my Apple Cinema Display).


      Here's the problem.  My short has many video tracks, at least two adjustment layers, occasional effects like Warp Stabilizer, some keyframing for motion adjustments, etc.  A "match sequence settings' export (with maximum render quality - otherwise the 1080 and 720 stuff had poor quality), took nearly 4 hours.  But it looked great at 35 gigs.


      However, my sequence is set up to create render previews that are 4K ProRes 422 files.  I want to take advantage of the "Final Cut 7" (where I come from) workflow to use previews in export.  "Smart rendering".  Should work, right?  I'm exporting to the same size 4K ProRes matched sequence settings.


      I've rendered my timeline within Premiere Pro - a full green bar is visible.  I choose "Export", check "Match Sequence Settings" and then "Use previews".  I click export - and the system hangs.  I get the spinning orb.  Nothing - no matter how long I wait.  The only way out is a force quit.


      Is anyone else having problems generally with using previews in a smart render workflow like this?