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    A long long pain-staking task...is this the only way?


      Hi all


      I am tasked with tracking and blurring faces on videos. The footage is terrible, shaky, out of focus at times, low light and the faces going in and out the shot all the time. The way I'm doing this is, in this example with two faces, have 5 video tracks and 1 audio track. On the first vid track I have the untouched video, above that the 2nd video track with guassian blur applied to it and track matte key to the 3rd track, the 3rd track is a square white tile which I then move around as required over the face of person number 1. The 4th video track is a copy of track 2 but keyd to track 5, and track 5 a repeat of 3 with the tile to move around over the face of person number 2. It's a long long task to manually move the tile over the faces, almost frame by frame at times for 2 faces on a 30 minute video. I have spent days researching how to automate this but the trackers in AE and Davincei Resolve Lite need about as much work to reset them when they lose the track as I'm doing in the manual process I outlined.


      My question is, before I just submit to days of manual labour and get the hell on with it, does anyone know of a way to make this easier? Preferably some magic plugin from science fiction to do it for me.