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    Help with NEF files... blown out in Camera raw??


      My Nef files look great until I use the magnify tool in bridge or open them in camera raw. Then all of sudden they instantly brighten and some of them look overexposed!! Please help... is there a default setting I need to change?? I'm using the Nikon d700 Adobe CS5.1

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          deejjjaaaa Level 2

          1) if you are doing a raw conversion using Adobe raw converters (ACR/LR) then you shall not be confused w/ embedded JPGs (written by camera's firmware in your raw files) that you might see temporarily while Adobe software renders some inital preview using your default raw conversion settings (you might change those, including default camera profiles = for Nikon cameras Adobe supplies a standard profile and some profiles to emulate OEM settings, exposure correction, etc)


          2) you are are concerned that you in fact overexpose your raws (clipping in raw channels) then just download a free software = http://www.rawdigger.com/ and see the true raw histogramm (not jpeg based histogram that your camera shows), if your raw channels are not clipped then just dial negative expocorrection in ACR/LR and that is it... in most cases it is good to have raw histogram to be as close as possible (and sometimes even clip unimportant parts of the image - specular highlights for example are in many/most/all cases OK when clipped, because there no details for you in them) to clipping - because then you have a good signal to noise ratio for the most important parts of your image...