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    "open with" opens CS6 and not CC

    Matthew A Kraus

      I have CS6 and CC on my system.  CC opens fine when I open it with the Shortcut.  But when I try to open a tif file on my desktop, the default program is CS6 and not CC.  So I try "open with and CC is not listed.  So I go to browse and find the Photoshop CC.exe icon under programs and choose it, I can't get it to show in the list.  I want to make this my defalult program and it won't work.  Help please.




      Matthew Kraus

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          Blaine91555 Level 1

          I've had the same issue on Windows 7 64 bit. If I try to set file associations Windows simply does not recognize Photoshop CC. I browse to the .exe file, but it does not work.


          After I removed PS CS 6 all the file types reverted to the default program. Now the only way I can open a file in PS CC is to use File > Open inside the program.


          Bridge CC does not find Photoshop CC either so that will no longer work. It makes Bridge worthless since there is no way to open anything in Photoshop.


          13 days this is here and not a single answer? Are we the only two?

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            Blaine91555 Level 1

            Solution. Two different registry cleaners. Going through the Program files and deleting anything to do with any other version of Adobe Programs. Restart and use registry tools again. Restart and now I can associate files. Lost the use of a couple of plugins, but still it worked.


            In the end it was a free tool that comes with McAfee Anti-Virus Plus that found registry items and shorcut's that other utilities missed that fixed it. Never use it since using other utilities, but thought I'd give it a go and voila it located registry items and files that dedicated registry cleaners missed entirely. I have no idea why other than that.

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              Matthew A Kraus Level 1

              Hi Blaine,

                   I tried a fix I found and it is easy to do and seems to work fine.  It requires a registry change, but just closely follow directions in the following post:




              Go to post #20


              Good luck,

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                Blaine91555 Level 1

                What I did already did that. The McAfee tool found that needed registry change. That and I found 5.1 had left an issue behind. I've got everything working now. Until the next issue hits me in the face. Adobe has gone downhill with this CC IMO. Never had constant issues with their software ever. I don't think I've contacted support three times in the last decade and now I have weekly issues and I'm constantly on here reading.


                The installer should have done the cleanup during installation.