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    Error message update


      To John T Smith, thanks for the link info I will chase this one through for more information.

      To Ramano thanks for reply, o/s is Win Vista home premium, both programmes have been on system for a couple

      of years now without trouble, this error code had only just appeared with no software or hardware changes.

      I am guessing it is just a missing file which enables launch that has gone astray somehow, but I really dont

      have the expertise to be able to prove it. any help appreciated.



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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          I am placing a reference here to the thread/replies to which you refer in this current thread on the same matter.



          Please remind me, how long ago did this problem start? Is it possible to pin point a date down to a specific week or day?


          Please think about doing a computer maintenance to include the use of ccleaner (regular and registry sectors).


          It is safe and very effective.


          We could also try flushing the preferences.

          If that does not work, we might consider a deactivation/uninstall/reinstall of Premiere Elements.

          But, let us leave the details of these last two for if necessary after the ccleaner.