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    Anybody else notice this?

      I work in a Security Operations Center so maybe I'm overexposed to stuff like this, but in the past few months I've seen several WARNING!! stories about Flash being vulnerable to being exploited, compromised, etc. Since I'm developing in Flex, I have to have "emergency" meetings with my superiors to settle them down and explain what the stories are really saying. Invariably, the supposed vulnerability has to do with someone using flash to exploit a well known vulnerability. Since they're using Flash to do it, that makes it NEWS!! I'm getting kind of tired of this. Does M$'s planned silverfish thingy have anything to do with this. Another in a long line of FUD campaigns? The one for today has to do with someone using Flash to compromise home router/firewalls. This was done using javascript previously, but I guess no one thought that was newsworthy. Go figure.