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    Adobe Premiere Pro CC or media encoder MFX OP1a Bug

    Korin Unka Level 1

      Hi I'm outtputting for broadcast TV Commercial and getting a consistant audio issue with adobe premiere pro cc MFX OP1a using IMX30 pal export master. Orginial project is HD exported AVI from After effects, audio is .wav 48k. The audio has a glitch where it almost seems to drop out by a frame. I tried this over and over again with all my projects and the same issue. It's usually around 1 second in and occurs once. My projects are 30 second in length or 15 second at a time. I have ended up going back to Adobe CS6 so I can fix this issue and send to the tv station for playout (cs6 is fine). Is there any chance someone could look into this or check to see if there is an issue here?  I have tried this on all our computers here running CC and the same issue.