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    Trouble with WMV files in Premiere




      I searched first but didn't find my issue or really old discussions came up.


      Basically I recorded some screen captured tutorials with Microsoft Expression.  Since I'm using the free version when I'm done my only option is to export a WMV file.  It won't let me pick MP4 for example.


      Anyway I exported fairly lightweight files from Expression, 10,000 kbps, 29,97 fps.  In total I'm only talking about 243 MB of footage.


      These files play perfect in Windows Media Player and completely aweful in Premiere Pro CC.  This is on a Dell 7600 Nvidia Maximus setup with Mercury CUDA playback enabled.  It should fly with only one video track playing.  On other projects I've used DSLR 1080p footage with AE linked comps in the timeline with heavy effects and I could still play back in realtime.


      I'm currently rendering a proxy file so that I can actually work and see footage play back.  Typically my render times are great but with the WMV files it's terrible.  It's going to take 4.5 hours to render 22 minutes of just video.  No crazy AE comp or anything like that.


      So anything I can do to fix this?  i see myself doing more of these in the future and this workflow is horrible and a huge waste of time.  There's gotta be a better option.