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    Graded quiz slides advance without answer

      I am trying to create graded quiz questions in Breeze. I want to force the user to select an answer before the slide will advance. But all the graded questions I create allow the user to select "Submit" without first choosing an answer, and the slide advances.

      My survey questions work this way. I want the graded questions to work the same way so I can provide feedback. Any suggestions?
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          need2learnNow Level 1
          In the Quiz Manager, under the first tab "Quizzes" select the button that states "Edit Quiz Settings" On that first tab there are two boxes the first one titled "quiz" and has two fields. Look at the one titled "required" the last option on the drop-down is "Answer All- ther user must answer every question to continue" That should solve your issue. Feel free to call 503-245-3387