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    Can’t import any .psd files into after effects.

    Gary Boulter

      Hello all.

      I was using CS5 master collection without issue, for a year. 


      Decided to upgrade to the CS6 master collection and that’s when the problems began.


      For example, I can’t import any .psd files into AE.


      All files are saved in RGB mode.


      The previous files were made on CS5.


      I made a new .psd file in CS6 with just a couple of layers on it, couldn’t import that either.


      I’ve tried Ctrl-alt-shift to delete preferences, that had limited success. I can import a file and do a little bit of work on it but as soon as I close the file down and opened it up again, it does not recognise the .psd file.


      The errors I’m getting in AE are many


      For example:

      • After Effects warning: Reading past end of file
      • After Effects error: Could not open intro.psd because it is not a valid Photoshop document
      • After Effects error: Crash in progress. Last logged message:<8104><dynamiclink><5>C:\ProgramFiles\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Pro CS6\Adobe Premiere Pro exe
      • After Effects error: Not enough memory to initialise PSL


      I have un-installed and re-installed many times.


      I’m using Windows 8, with 32ram. Hard drives C: 100mg, D: 2 Tb


      I’ve tried installing on both drives, still the same thing happens. 


      Does anyone out there in Adobe Land have any ideas?


      Totally confused