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    Mocha Corner Pin Data Changing Scale of Solid Layers (CS6)


      Hi, im new to the adobe forums (not after effects though) and im having some trouble with Mocha tracking corner pin data. I have been practicing this sub-surface skin effect from Iron Man 3 that Video Copilot made a tutorial on, but im having some problems. The first time i did it, everything went fine. I got the effect the way I wanted it and it looked amazing. The second time, things began to go wrong. I had all my footage elements in the correct place and pre-composed. I had tracked out everything in Mocha previous to creating the effect. I selected the correct corner pin data type (the one that does not support motion blur) and copied to clipboard. I pasted it onto the composition with all the effects footage and... it got about 3 times smaller. Ive tried to do this many times since then and it keeps happening. Ive resorted to using a null object when this happens, but i want to know what im doing wrong. Ive looked all over the web and someone has probably posted a fix somewhere, but im tired of looking. Please, if you know whats going on, reply.


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      CS6 of course