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    Time is of the essence


      My elements program will not let me log in. When I try it says error 400. It also shuts down if the program loads 99%. Does any one know how to fix this? I have a project saved on it thats due in a couple of days.

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          Always good to say what version of Premiere Elements that you are using and on what computer operating system it is running. Helps to expedite urgent matters. Can you tell from the Splash Screen what process it is stopping at 99% loading?



          We had a recent case of Error 400 with a Premiere Elements 9.0/9.0.1 user. The solution to that problem was a complete deactivation within the program and then uninstall/reinstall.


          Please check out that thread.


          May or may not be your answer since I often write that problems with the same symptoms can (often do) have different causes.


          If none of the above helps your particular issue, please let us know, but please supply details

          a. this is a "worked before but not now" or "never worked before" problem?

          b. computer resource decription

          c. whether any way related to photoshop.com and Adobe Revel


          You realize that at the present time, no one that I no of can sign in with the Adobe ID and Password. Been that way for a week or more. But the program still works for editing and exporting in spite of that.


          Please review and then we can decide what next if necessary.






          Also please include nature of issue in thread title