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    CS6 won't let me resize large images?


      I'm using Photoshop CS6 to assemble and export a series of extremely high-res tiles. Long story short, they will be used to make up a large map in a mobile app.


      I have a pretty tight deadline and I've just been stopped in my tracks by an error I get when I try to scale them up.


      Each tile is a layered PSB file, 16384 x 16384px at 72dpi, about 2-3GB in size. All I want to do is scale them up to double their size - 32768 x 32768px.


      When I try to do this, I receive the error, 'Could not complete the Image Size command because the result would be too big'.


      What exactly does this mean in terms of size (filesize or pixel dims)? What's the problem?


      Since I'm working in PSB format and I'm resizing within the bounds of the 300,000px limit, I don't understand why I'm not permitted to scale up to 32768px.


      I need to preserve the layers as Smart Objects in order to upscale them... so no flattening.


      All I can think of is splitting the files into smaller tiles, but that will probably drive me crazy (I currently have 28 tiles to upscale).


      Any suggestions would be much appreciated!