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    Warp Stabilizer PPro to AE

    third unkle Level 1

      I seem to be having a problem with Warp Stabilizer. If I apply the Warp Stabilizer in PPro and then create an AE sequnece from that clip the stabilizer effect in AE is quite different and not a really at all effective when the transferred into the AE comp. Anyone else encountered this? The settings in PPro and AE are exactly the same. I have to change to stabilize only mode and manually resize the footage to get the same result as in  PPro. In an ideal world the footage wouldn't need to be reanalysed in AE. Any thoughts? Cheers. Pete.

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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you are sending the clip to AE anyway I would do the Warp in AE also.

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            third unkle Level 1

            The thing is that warp stabilizer works so well in PPro. Plus the fact that you really need to see the stabilized image in the cut to see if it's working properly. I guess my point was; is this everyone's experience going between apps, and if it is I would think that it is something Abode should look at addressing. I would be great if AE and PPro could share as much information as possible, like the stabilizer results... it's done the stabilization in PPro, why does it have to do it again in AE when ypou export the clip and the plugin is exactly the same. At least the results should be the same and they are not.

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              joe bloe premiere Level 5

              This would make a great feature request:

              You can file it here:



              In the meantime you should follow Ann's advice.

              With gained familiarity of stabilization capability in Ae,

              you can trust in your Premiere edit that it will work fine in Ae.

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                third unkle Level 1

                Thanks Joe and Ann. Have sent a feature request. Have done a little further investigation and found that if I delete the Warp Stabilizer VFX and reapply it then I get the result I would expect. A little strange, but now I know how best to proceed.

                Thanks again. Pete.

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                  dzsokolino Level 1

                  Same here. I hoped the effect stays as is. Now I went back to the old way, as you suggested I had to remove the effect in premiere, and reapply in Ae.

                  Just wondering why the effects have a little different name in each application. In Premiere in called  Warp stabilizier in AE it is Warp Stabilizer VFX. Are they not excatly the same btw?

                  Anyway I filled out a bug report too.