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    clocks gtx 680 in mountain lion 10.8.4


      hi guys , I have mountain lion 10.8.4 , all work fine


      I turn on the pc and graphics clock is at 324mhz and its temperature is low (40 - 42 ºc) , and use FinalCutX clocks graphics up and close program and down.

      Use Photoshop CC trial clocks level up to 1.06 mhz and temperature rises ( normal ).

      but I close photoshop and clocks not down to 324mhz , are maintained in 1,06mhz and not low. ( temp 54 - 57ºc ) more consumption more temperature.


      I only happens with photoshop cc , ¿ is a fail of program ?

      I probe driver osx and driver nvidia 313.01.02f01 and no difference.


      the latest version of cuda is installed

      any idea , thanks in advanced.